Ponderosa Subdivision, Good Spirit Provincial Park

Located in the heart of Good Spirit Provincial Park, the property is ideally situated close enough to the action to enjoy it, but far enough away to enjoy your time peacefully. Titled lots are now serviced and available to purchase, as well as new and existing homes for sale. Whether you want a weekend getaway, or a new permanent home - we have models available or a lot to suit your building needs.

Unlike other subdivisions around the lake we have the full services of being next to the park but our lots are titled so this means you can mortgage the property if need be.  We are not located on the golf course so you don’t have to worry about flying balls instead we are on an open quarter section of land that has no further plans of being developed so we can maintain the natural beauty of the area and the peace of being away from the summer crowd.  The roads and amenities are available year round so you are able to enjoy the property or live permanently. 

Ponderosa - your new home...